Company profile: We are looking for Start-ups that integrate the use of emerging technologies to their business model. They must have a validated product, proven traction and growth potential.

The program accepts entrepreneurs permanently.

How to apply?

You must complete the information on the application form and have a positive response. If so, the next step is to come to an interview with the BICTIA team for further evaluation.

Entrepreneurs selected to participate in the program must carry out an in-depth diagnosis, which will define the work plan to be performed throughout the program.

Duration: 20 weeks

What is this program about?

We offer companies a highly personalized and responsive solution aimed at assisting the company achieve their growth goals. We want to see you thrive!!

The structure is divided into the following phases:

(1) Leading Mentor: Recognized entrepreneur with great experience, in charge of accompanying the entrepreneur during the 20 weeks.
(2) Panels or monthly management committees: Conformed by an interdisciplinary support team to follow-up and steer the company towards success while checking the milestones set in the work plan. (3) Access to expert advice in specific areas in which the entrepreneur needs strengthening, such as: marketing, sales (B2B, B2C, Ecommerce, among others), legal, technology, business strategy, finance, communications, internationalization, innovation, team building consolidation, corporate governance and product development in cross-cutting technologies, among others.

In addition to the areas described, and according to the requirements of the teams, additional thematic technical advisors may be assigned.